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BRAND 品牌介紹:
about Enbrick
Our technology and products are dedicated to help your design and think more efficiently.

who we are
As a leading supplier of power solutions, Enbrick is driving energy efficient innovations to reduce global energy use with cutting edge solutions and easy-to-use products. 

what we do
With our innovative technology, we offer a wide portfolio of high-performance power solutions in industrial application, telecom infrastructures, security systems, and commercial electronics products. 

INDUSTRY 行業別:科技業

SERV 服務項目:商標設計、應用設計、網站設計、設計物品印製。

INFO 設計說明:設計理念上我們著重於創新、進步、效率三個核心概念出發,第一二核心“創新、進步”我們使用磚塊的意象來呈現,客戶的產品樣貌就像一塊一塊磚塊堆疊成行,疊加上去的特性,代表扎實穩定的一步一步進步、成為業界領頭創新品牌,第三核心“效率”使用了箭頭,也象徵創新成長、速度與效率的象徵,並且在裡面加入科技業辨識度極高的電路元素進去。

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